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Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
to experts from switzerland, france and russia. the former palestinian died of the underlying cause of his death remains a mystery. >>> u.n. ambassador susan rice will be on capitol hill this week to meet with members of congress to discuss the benghazi attacks. one of her first meetings today will be with john mccain one of her most vocal critics. she came fire for saying it was a spontaneous attack triggered by anger over an american-made anti-muslim video. since then we've learned it was coordinated by al-qaeda affiliates. >>> lawmakers trying to avoid the fiscal cliff, automatic tax hike for all americans, unless congress and the president can compromise. biggest obstacle is a pledge of no tax increases of any kind signed by most republicans. grover norquist is behind the pledge and has convinced thousands of republicans to sign the pledge in exchange for helping them get reelected. some republicans open to breaking the pledge say they will do it by closing loopholes but say entitlement reform must be part of the discussion. >>> do you think you are paying -- >>> good morning. home pri
Nov 28, 2012 6:00am PST
russia and prag g street, several parked vehicles were hit, no injuries police are still looking for the suspect who got away. >>> breaking news out of pacific firefighters at the scene of a house fire it started after 5:30 this morning, power lines are down in front of two of the homes. there's a shelter-in-place order in effect for those two houses all this happening with the storm starting to come in we'll have more on abc7 news at 11 this morning on this story. >>> more talks scheduled in washington today as we get closer to that fiscal cliff deadline. >> jane king joins us with that and early trading. >>> good morning. what is happening today, a group of high level ceos going to the white house to meet with president obama to discuss how to avoid the fiscal cliff. ceo of goldman sachs also marissa mayer at yahoo among those expected to attend that meeting today. the housing market in focus. we get a report on new home sales from the commerce department in 10 minutes. so far this morning, wall street firmly fixated on washington. markets again on the defensive this morning af
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2